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Fifth Branch

This Branch Contributed by:  
Ramney Koul and Sarla Wali
USA and India
February, 2005

Guestbook comment:

I come from Fotedar Family (my father, S.N. Fotedar/ grand father Nand Lal Fotedar , grand mother from his maternal side are Zutshi). I believe our ancestral home was in Tikke mahala.

We lived in Delhi mostly but visited the valley regularly.

I had a brother, Ajay K Fotedar (deceased now), survived by his two lovely daughters (Shipra Foedar and Shruti Fotedar) and a doctor wife (Ranjana Fotedar) in India.

I thank everyone who is joining and especially who started this tree site. It is a great effort and not to see you discouraged on this limited number of fotedars that there may be, I admire your patience.

Sarla Wali (Fotedar girl) is my sister, married to IB Wali and they have one son ....Aditya Wali

- Ramney Koul

  • Nand Lal Fotedar
    • S.N. Fotedar
      • Sarla married to IB Wali
        • Son Aditya
      • Ramney
      • Ajay K married to Ranjana
        • Daughter Shipra
        • Daughter Shruti


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